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Stacey loves to work with you. Please contact us for any reason whatsoever.

Physical Address:      181 Corlett Drive, Bramley- Sandton, Johannesburg 2090, Gauteng

Postal Address:          PO Box 92176, Norwood, Johannesburg 2117

Phone:                        +27 82 548 6385

Email:                         stacey@staceyfru.co.za         

Website:                     www.staceyfru.co.za

Facebook:                  www.facebook.com/staceyfru

YouTube:                   www.youtube.com/stace
Twitter:                      @staceyfru

Blog:                           www.staceyfru.blogspot.com

 Research has shown that the single most important factor influencing a child’s success at school is the introduction to books.

Please give Stacey Fru a chance to change lives by fostering reading and literacy.

 We thank you very much for taking time off your busy schedule to read this.

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