Press Release Invitation to Media and Supporters

This press release invites the media and supporters to the press conference on below information:

11-year-old Stacey Fru’s Education Foundation is holding a press conference on its launch, the launch of Stacey’s 3rd book, Foundation projects and the Foundation’s Ambassadors on Thursday the 14th of June at 10 AM at No.181 Corlett Drive in Bramley-Sandton. This Foundation arose out of Stacey’s zeal to empower and encourage children and adults alike to learn how to read and write. Amongst other things, the SFF supports Stacey’s vision of motivating and empowering through various initiatives, including creating partnerships that aim at Elevating the AfrICAN Child, encouraging writing amongst underprivileged children and donating her books to schools, institutions and libraries. SFF seeks pledges and donations that enable Stacey to travel to rural schools and/or bringing rural children to cities.

Foundation Owner

11-year-old Stacey Fru is the youngest South African Author who wrote and publish her first book, ‘Smelly Cats’ without her parents’ knowledge at the age of 7. This book was approved by the South African Department of Basic Education as suitable for young learners from Early Childhood through to Primary School. She is a fun-loving and bubbly young girl born on the 16th of February 2007 in Johannesburg and the second of four children. Stacey is the youngest Multiple Award-Winning Writer of Chapter books on the continent, if not in the world. ‘Smelly Cats’ won 3 awards for the book before Stacey’s second book ‘Bob and the Snake’ was published.

A Google search on Stacey gives 927 000 results in about 0,29 seconds. Stacey has appeared in the media over 60 times. More than 40 times on Radio and Television. She has engaged over 5 000 children from ECD Centres, 15 000 children from Primary Schools and Libraries, over 4 000 from High Schools, over 7000 people from Universities and institutions of higher learning. She has been to 7 National Fairs and has delivered over 50 public talks in villages and cities in 6 provinces of South Africa. She has donated both computers, books, clothing, food items to adults and children alike. She needs intends to carry on working and giving.

Stacey is a Multiple Awards, Recognitions and Ambassadorships holder.

Foundation’s Current Projects
“African Book a Child Campaign”
makes available books by African authors or books about Africa to under privilege children in rural areas in South Africa. Stacey’s commitment is motivated by her worries that many African children do not know about, let alone celebrate African writers.

“Know Your Countries” is campaign of the Foundation in which Stacey is committed to educate African children on Africanism. She uses her online television channel, CTVSA to profile various countries. Stacey’s passion for Africa saw her committed to profiling Africa countries.

“Children Television South Africa (CTVSA)” Stacey is founder and main host of this online television. See for the work she does.

“Safety and Security Campaign for Children by a Child” Stacey is on a self-empowered journey to sensitise children and adults alike on the importance of safety through a play written and directed by herself and her talks.

“Reading and Writing for All” This Foundation is about Education. Stacey uses both her skills and experiences to encourages children and adults. During her visit to underprivileged Schools, Centres, Events, etc Stacey gives out writing pads to encourages others write their stories.

“AfrICAN Children of the Year Awards” is as of now the biggest long-term project that will stretch Stacey’s vision for The Stacey Fru Foundation. Yearly, in November, the Foundation and its partners will recognise African children ages 7 to 13 who are contributing positively to their community, country and the continent, in a bit to glorify Africa and to but promote Africa. The first ceremony is in November 2018.

Vision: The slogan “Growing up, growing minds” is key to The Stacey Fru Foundation.
Value: Impacting the best.
Goal: Educate to bring out the oneness of Africa, as children grow and reach their full potential in their personal life as well as their communities and future businesses.

Get Involved with the Foundation

  • Sponsor a project
  • Bless a child with an African Book or Stacey’s books
  • Sponsor books in a school library
  • Encourage your network to Support Stacey Fru’s Campaigns
  • Donate valuables to Stacey Fru Foundation or transport to take Stacey to rural areas
  • Donate money by asking for Banking Details

Want to Drop off your Donation? Call 011 440 7501

Speakers at the Press Conference?

The Press Conference on Thursday will be hosted by the Ambassadors. Thank you all for being part of this journey. Stacey well forever adore you all. Mrs. Nelly M Nyathi, Abdul Manack, Zinni Ngiba and Obakeng Ngidi.

What They Will Say

Ms Rooksana Modan will Moderate the session. She will let the Ambassadors introduce themselves. The Ambassadors will;

  • Brief the media on the Stacey Fru Foundation.
  • Their Ambassadorship and how their daily work, vision and mission will add value to the Stacey Fru Foundation.
  • Tell the media about current and future projects of the foundation.
  • Call for partners, sponsors and funders.
  • Vote of thanks.

The media/supporters will ask questions