Stacey Fru at Kingsmead Book Fair 2018

It is about that time of year again, when Kingsmead College hosts their exciting book fair, and this year our very own Stacey Fru will be amongst the many displaying and distributing authors.

My event is in the Children’s Area, Event Title: Bob and the Snake by Stacey Fru at 13h30-14h00 in the ABC Studio at Kingsmead College in Rosebank Johannesburg

The Kingsmead Book Fair is proudly sponsored by Standard Bank –Wealth and Investment, 702, Porcupine Ridge and Timberland, and it has become a dignificant event on South Africa’s literary calendar.

If you’re and avid reader, and keen to learn more, we recommend that you go and enjoy; good food and drink, intriguing discussions, heated debates and in depth dialogue with a host of authors and facilitators.


Mobile: 082 548 6385
Twitter: @staceyfru

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