Miss Stacey Fru a Gem in the Ballet

This past week has been a very busy week for  Profounder’s 11-year-old multiple awards winning author, Miss Stacey Fru. From the Women Excellence Awards, to the Gauteng Premier’s Youth Excellence Awards, to a ballet performance at Victory Theatre, Stacey is on a win run. Woah, that’s a mouthful, how does Miss Fru manage to keep up with all of it?

On Sunday 11th March, Miss Fru had a performance with her ballet team at the Victory Theatre in Johannesburg, where they performed 3 pieces, choreographed by Suzie Frankel and Liza Human of the Frankel Human ballet school. All beautiful pieces, inspired by films.

Miss Fru is the youngest on the team with mates ranging between twelve and fourteen. We really look forward to seeing more of Miss Fru on the stage, maybe one day she will have a solo which we can all enjoy. For now, we can only watch the young lady sashay through life and her busy schedule, and try to keep up with her.

Stacey remains Profounder’s Blue eye girl and we wish her all the best in her many engagements. Established as a training and skills development company in 2007, Profounder Intelligence now boosts a successful and influential Publishing and Self-Publishing Unit since 2015. Profounder is a VAT registered and Fully compliant company registered at BEE Level 1 organisation run by a Black female. If you would like to work with Profounder, please seen its website www.profounder.co.za

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Article by

Lemogang Molobi