Johannesburg Based 11-Year-Old BrandSA Ambassador, Stacey Fru Launches Own Foundation and 3rd Book

It was a great day for 11-Year-Old Stacey Fru, a newly appointed Play-Your-Part BrandSA Ambassador as many descended to the Profound Conference Centre in Bramley to witness this little gem unveil her 3rd book titled; ‘Smelly Cats on Vacation’ and her own foundation, the Stacey Fru Foundation on Saturday the 14th of July in Bramley, Johannesburg.

This new book is a follow-up of Stacey’s 1st book; ‘Smelly Cats,’ written without her parents’ knowledge when she was 7. On its part, the Stacey Fru’s Education Foundation is founded to honour and extend Stacey’s works beyond her immediate environment.

Stacey is the youngest multiple award-winning author of Chapter Books on the continent, if not the world. She has proven to be a true reflection of the fact that young South Africans are changing tides in many different ways on the African Continent.

This two-part launch was driven by children. The 1st part was the book launch during which teenage MCs, Ruby Moeketsi and Anees Dawood were delighted to give the floor to various speakers. Ms. Dorcas Gwenhure welcomed the Guests on behalf of Profounder Publishers and Stacey Fru. Ms. Gugu Ndebele, the CEO of Save the Children SA told the children that they are the future and the present. She said that children have to be encouraged to be driven to books because “78% of Grade 4 children cannot read … and only 40% of the country’s adults reads for entertainment.” Ms Ndebele urged Stacey; a Save the Children Brand Ambassador to continue making reading COOL. Stacey and her Siblings; 13-year-old Shanon, 9-year-old Synclaire and 6-year-old Sydney thrilled the children by acting out an excerpt of Stacey’s 1st book to the audience. Mr. Charley Peitersen spoke on the impact of fatherlessness to our nations before giving the floor to Ms Wendy Sibeko from the Johannesburg City Library. Ms. Wendy Sibeko honoured the day by encouraging authors to keep presenting their books to the City Library. She reiterated how proud she was of Stacey Fru. Stacey and Ms. Wendy Sibeko later unveiled the new book.

Part two was the Foundation launch. 19-year old MC, Ms. Tanya Maravanyika ushered the following speakers to the stage; Ms Tintswalo Cassandra Makhubele, the Secretary General of the South African Congress of Nonprofit Organisations (SACONO), The Stacey Fru Foundation Daddy and Mommies Ambassadors Mr. Abdul Manack, Mrs. Nelly Nyathi and Ms. Zinni Ngiba, Stacey’s Grandfather Mr. Kum Godlove Bezeng and Stacey herself. They all showed admiration for Stacey and the work she has done at such a young age.

During her speech, Stacey made a passionate plea for adults to provide two vital needs to children; the need for Safety and Security, and that of Literacy. Both needs are reflected amongst the many themes of her writings. According to Stacey, “children can only be able to read and write if they feel Safe and Secure.”

We join multitude of people around the world to wish Stacey all the best as she uses both her Foundation and her 3rd book to change the world one child at a time.

Stacey’s 2nd book; Bob and the Snake was written when she was 8. By 9, Stacey had won 3 awards for her books and other works. She is a Public Speaking, Storytelling, Philanthropist, TV Talk-Show Host, Ballerina, Guitarist, Brands Ambassador and Learner. She still has written many unpublished books and still continues to write. Contact Stacey on follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube @staceyfru.


Contact Stacey on or 011 440 7501 or
Mobile: 082 548 6385
Twitter: @staceyfru
YouTube: @staceyfru
Instagram: @CTVSA

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