An African Book a Child Campaign

On Behalf of 10-year-old Stacey Fru, we are writing to solicit African books and/or money to acquire books that her Foundation aims to donate books to underprivileged children and institutions. Through her book launches and public speaking engagements, Stacey was struck by how little African children from under privileged backgrounds read.  For many of them, the only books they have access to are their school textbooks. An African Book A Child campaign is aimed at encouraging African children, especially, to read books written by African Authors.  Stacey believes that these children will be more interested in reading stories with characters that look like them and storylines that reflect their daily lives.  In many instances, Stacey has lamented her lack of insight into local writers. As she sets to enjoy African books, she would like to share her bliss with others.

No contribution is too small. As you contemplate to send your donation, we encourage you to support with any books; used and new.

The Stacey Fru Foundation (SFF)


Stacey Fru Foundation came into existence in 2015 when Stacey published her first. The foundation is the banner under which Stacey would like to initiate and support projects to inspire and empower children and adult through her books and motivational talks. Stacey’s vision was that for every two books sold, she donated a book to child. Stacey is a kind and loving girl, together with her siblings, she started by handing over outgrown clothing items in orphanages and to individuals. Stacey has since donated items like books and computers. She remains motivated to continue with her charity work. Hence the new concept of African Books a Child. Her parents thought that Stacey could help a lot more and motivate many more people and so are intensifying this charity work through her foundation.


‘Safety and Security Campaign for Children by a Child’
‘Children Television South Africa (CTVSA)’
‘Reading for all, Writing for Passion Initiative,’ etc. These projects aim to solicit support from donors. All the trustees work on a voluntary basis.

Vision: To grow minds as we grow up. Creating a growing South Africa for all.

Value: Impacting the best.


Chairperson –                                      Dr. Japhta Daanji
Coordinator –                                       Dr. Emmanuel Fru
Treasurer –                                           Ms Victorine Mbong Shu
Secretary –                                           Ms Palesa Nkabane
Committee Members –                        Ms Soraya Hendricks


Mr. Steve Mulaudzi
Ms. Dorcas Gwenhure
Ms. Roseline Nchang
Ms. Ethel Sandawana



The Stacey Fru Foundation is an accredited public benefit organisation with NPO REF: 191-015. This foundation therefore offers individuals, governments, agencies and companies the opportunity to make donations. Donations to SFF can attract up to 25 points on BBBEE scorecard.

The SFF’s main focus is education and wellbeing through organisations who give back through socio-Economic development or Corporate Social Investment (CSI). This Foundation is wholly dependent on donor funding for survival and donations are tax deductible, with a tax certificate issued for inclusion in tax returns.

The full value of the contributions made is recognisable if at least 75% of the value directly benefits the poor and the needy; the Foundation’s target.

Please note that business enterprises with an annual turnover of between R5 million and R35 million who donate 1% of net profit after tax will receive 25 points towards their BBBEE scorecard. Enterprises with an annual turnover of more than R35 million would need to contribute 1% of net profit after tax to earn 25 points.

If you have any queries regarding how your company can make a donation in order to earn BBBEE points please contact Dr. Fru.

How to Get Involved

  • Bless a child with an African Book,
  • Bless a child with a (set) of Stacey’s books (R170 a copy),
  • Sponsor African books in a school or an institution’s library,
  • Encourage your network to Support Stacey Fru’s Campaigns,
  • Donate valuables to Stacey Fru Foundation,
  • Donate Transport to take Stacey Fru to rural areas,
  • Donate money.

Banking Details

Stacey Fru
Nedbank Account:
Branch Code: 191905,
Branch Name: Norwood,
Account Type: Future (Savings),
Ref: Your/Organisation’s name.

Want to Drop off your Donation?

  • Maddy Maggoo Linksfield (Shop 7, Linksfield Square, 111 Club Street, Linksfield, – Wednesday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm)
  • Profound Conference Centre (181 Corlett Drive, Bramley – Monday to Sunday from 7am to 8pm)
  • Trainers Without Borders (75a Linden Road, Bramley – Monday to Friday from 8am to 4:30pm)
  • ***We can also collect.

Thank you so much for choosing to be a part of this ground-breaking initiative.

Mobile: 082 548 6385
Twitter: @staceyfru

Instagram: Staceyfru