BrandSA Play Your Part Ambassador

Brand South Africa endorses 11-year-old Stacey Fru as a BrandSA Play Your Part Ambassador. Stacey is a true reflection of the fact that young South Africans are changing tides in many different ways on the African Continent. Stacey had to be a BrandSA Play Your Part Ambassador because She is the youngest multiple award-winning author of Chapter Books on the continent, if not the world. She wrote her 1st book; ‘Smelly Cats’ without her parents’ knowledge at age 7 her second book; Bob and the Snake was written when she was 8. Stacey is a Speaker, Storyteller, Philanthropist, TV Talk-Show Host, Ballerina, Guitarist, Brands Ambassador and Learner.

She is flying the South African Flag as she continues to develop and remains a motivation to many. As a BrandSA Ambassador, she obviously represents the South African brand in a positive light and by doing so helps to increase brand awareness of this beautiful Country. We wish Stacey the best in the journey. Stacey launches her foundation, The Stacey Fru Foundation alongside her 3rd book; Smelly Cats on Vacation on the 14th of July 2018 in Johannesburg.

Contact Stacey on or 011 440 7501. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram on @staceyfru. Videos of her works can be viewed on Children’s Television South Africa YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @CTVSA