11-Year-Old Author Walks 7 KM for Literacy with Primary School

There are many ways that each of us can improve on Literacy on the African continent. We can chose to do it as individuals, or with partners. Park Primary School in Lenesia, South of Johannesburg decided to partner with 11 year old multiple Award-Winning Author, of 3 books Stacey Fru on the 18th Walk to Literacy. Stacey is the youngest South African Multiple Award Winning Author of Chapter Books who wrote her 1st book, “Smelly Cats” without her parents’ knowledge at the age of 7. This book was approved by the South African Department of Basic Education as suitable for young learners from Early Childhood through to primary schools. Stacey’s other titles are “Bob and the Snake” and “Smelly Cats on Vacation.”

Park Primary school is not new to this walk that saw over 4, 000 people going through the streets on Sunday the 2nd of September 2018 alongside the Stacey Fru Foundation and other partners. Through this Literacy walk, the School collected books to be donated towards the Stacey Fru Foundation’s project known as ‘African Book a Child Campaign.”This is not just a walk, it is a fun day for family and friends loaded with educational projects by learners, dances, competition and loads of prizes, not just the walkers, but to stage participants. This year was graced by Stacey’s talk of encouragement.

If you and your friends are looking forward to walk in 2019 and beyond or to donate towards this initiative, kindly contact the school directly. About the “AfrICAN Book A Child Campaign” Stacey is not happy that many African children do not celebrate AfrICAN writers. She has therefore committed to collect and distribute books by Africans and about Africa only, to children and institutions. This campaign It’s conducted by The Stacey Fru Foundation has a double power of encouraging literacy and projecting the African continent. Her Foundation is a registered NPO set up to foster the young girl’s work. See www.staceyfru.co.za for more details. You can also get Stacey’s books through the website or on 011 440 7501.

Email: stacey@staceyfru.co.za
Mobile: 082 548 6385
Website: www.staceyfru.co.za
Twitter: @staceyfru

Instagram: Staceyfru
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/staceyfru

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