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This book is about two cats who are cousins. Even though the cats come from the same family, they are bound to have differences due to who they are. Smelly Cats is about different social, religious and schooling backgrounds as well as challenges
posed by the suburbs where the cats are staying. However just like in real life, the cats are naughty and behave badly. They fight a lot and even got into trouble in their school. According to Stacey, the constants fights are real reflections of daily lives. Stacey’s word, ‘life is not a bed of hatred. You grow better when you fight to spread love and have fun in a child’s way.’


Bob and Snake, Bob loves snakes with his whole heart. He is super happy because he heard his parents planning to buy him a real snake for his birthday. A few weeks after he received the snake, it was crown the neighborhood hero for saving the family from a thief who broke into their house while they were asleep. Ironically, Lob the snake is the same reason why Bob runs away from home for days. During school holidays, the family decides to travel to Disney Land. Find out if Lob the snake was allowed in the plane or not and how the story ended. Stacey concludes that ‘… no matter how much they try, children will always be naughty and parents will always be hard.’


This book is a follow-up of Stacey’s first book; ‘Smelly Cats,’ written when she was 7. Smelly Cats on Vacation is about Mack and his father’s holiday visit to Namibia. They had a fantastic holiday, but unfortunately Mack comes back to South Africa with an injury. Stacey writes how Mack’s injury made the family to spend more fun time together at home. Find out how Mack and Mark remained mischievous throughout the holiday, even though they were separated by distance. What happened to the girls in Smelly Cats? Anyways, school reopens and smelly cats are going to High School. Watch out for the next book in this series titled Smelly Cats Go To High School.


Many other children including 6-year-old Tammy depends on grown-ups, to become grown-ups themselves. Unfortunately like many children, Tammy was taken away by strangers as he walked beside his father. After hours of search by his community members and many police officers, he was found frightened and shocked. Tammy’s reunion with his overjoyed father gives Stacey an opportunity to teach children about their Safety and Security in many different situations. Play-Your-Part and make the world a better place to grow up in.


Why do many of us look out of our communities for role models? Stacey upholds the African Identity by inviting her readers to look within Africa for role models. She believes that not all things from overseas are good. In this book, Tim fails to find a role model through research for a school project. He goes overseas to search in American and countries in Europe, but no luck. Finally, the disappointed Tim comes back to South Africa only to find out that Tata Nelson Mandela is his number one role model. He adores him. 

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