At seven years old, Stacey Fru was South Africa’s youngest author. She had written a book Smelly Cats which was launched at the University of Witwatersrand. The illustrated 108 pages book was written by Stacey without the knowledge of her parents.

Stacey is possibly Africa’s youngest multiple awards winning author who wrote an illustrated 108 pages book titled; ‘Smelly Cats’ without her parents’ knowledge at the tender age of 7. She wrote a second book; ‘Bob and the Snake’ at 8 and before she turned 9, she had accumulated 3 awards for her books and her works. At the age of 10, Stacey helped many to realise that you are never too young or too old to live your dream. Stacey writes books, poems, attempts songs. She is a motivational speaker, storyteller, poet, guitarist, ballerina, TV host, chair-lady, and teacher. Stacey is a presenter at the Children Television South Africa (CTVSA) a station that educates and entertains children. She conceived of the station some months after the Stacey Fru Foundation was established. Her vision for CTVSA is to grow minds. 

Stacey spent four months writing her second book, Bob and the Snake. Wits University vice-chancellor Adam Habib has written the foreword. She won the 2016 National Development Agency Award for best early childhood education publication in 2015 for her first book Smelly Cats. 

Stacey was the youngest founding member of the Wits University Centre for Multilingual Education and Literacy in 2016. She is a philanthropist and the youngest Ambassador for Save the Children. She is African’s youngest multi-award winning author of Chapter books on the continent. 

The young wordsmith was named by the Mail & Guardian as part of the top 200 influential young South Africans in 2017.